3-Cylinder, High Pressure Diaphragm Pumps

DELTA 140 3-cylinder, high pressure diaphragm pumps are internally manifolded with anodized aluminum construction and anodized aluminum and stainless steel liquid handling parts. Includes mounting rails and 6005.05 control unit with pressure gauge.

DELTA 140 pumps are excellent choices for various horticultural, agricultural, lawn care, nursery, pest control and turf spraying applications. They are also effectively used for aircraft de-icing, hydrostatic testing and cleaning applications.

Specifications DELTA 140
Inlet Port 1-1/2″ Hose Barb
Outlet Ports (2) 1/2″ Hose Barb and 3/4 MBSP
Bypass 1″ Hose Barb
Piston Diameter 75mm
Crankshaft Stroke/Code 19.0mm/U
Dimensions 19.0″L x 15.5″W x 14.5″H
Lubrication: Requires 54 oz. of Udor Lube 40W Premium Pump Oil.
Alternate Oil: 30W non-detergent or 15W-40 non-detergent oil.


Repair Kits Part #
Diaphragm Kit – GREENTECH 6062.H5
Diaphragm Bolt & Washer Kit 6062.16
Valve Kit 6062.H6
Regulator Repair Kit 6062.53
Complete Repair Kit 8700.83CK



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