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UDOR Shaft Adapter Kits

UDOR Shaft Adapter Kits

7750.31* 3/4" Solid Shaft IOTA-17/20**
7751.A3* 1" Solid Shaft IOTA-17/20**, RO-110, KAPPA-55/75/100, ZETA-40/85
7751.A9 3/4" Solid Shaft with Mounting Rails KAPPA-30/40
7751.A1* 1" Solid Shaft with Mounting Rails RO-70, KAPPA-30/40
7753.A6 1-3/8", 6-spline Male PTO Shaft RO-110, KAPPA-55/75/100, ZETA-40/85
7702.01 1-3/8", 6-spline male PTO shaft w/ mounting rails & safety shield RO-70, KAPPA-30/40
7752.A2*** 1-3/8", 6-spline female PTO cplr. w/ torque arms, chain & safety shield IOTA-17/20**, RO-70, KAPPA-30/40/55/75, ZETA-40/85

For your protection, we recommend safety shields for all PTO drive & thru shaft applications.

* When using these shafts for PTO applications, safety shield (part # 1219.02) MUST be used. For PTO Safety Shields, Click Here

** When Using These Shafts With IOTA-17/20 Pumps, Crankshaft Adapter # 0501.05 Is Required. Please Order Separately.

*** When Mounting Shaft Adapter Kit 7752.A2 On IOTA-17/20 Pump, Bolt Kit #BK-17 Is Required. Please Specify.

Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.